Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Prince Ali's Wedding

This is the gathering of the Royal Jordanian clan. It is to celebrate the wedding of Prince Ali to journalist Rym Brahimi ( Scroll down there is also a previous post on them) Prince Ali is the son of the Late King Hussein and his second wife Queen Alia. His is the full brother of Princess Haya of Jordan and the half brother of current King Abdallah II.

To the far right is Queen Rania - For Gods sake why does Rania look so artificially happy in family photo;s? really people, this photo isnt as obvious but i saw the ones taken during Prince Hamzah ( at that time he was crown prince) and Princess Nurs wedding, and beleieve me Rania looks so unconfortable , and so envious of i dunno what - probably the new bride Nur and also the fact that at that time Hamzah was still Crown Prince. Ill put up those pics if i find them.

Princess Haya is second from the left - now look at her she is always so happy - touchwood. She s so natural - Rania should learn something from her!!

Sorry to say but the bride looks positively old and haggard - no beauty she!

Queen Noors two boys look handsome as always - prince Hashem looking dashing ( far right seated) and Prince Hamzah seated next to him is my favorite - he is just wonderful. He has such a wonderful personality - somewhat like Haya's - so natural , unassuming, and noble.

The Aga Khan

His Highness Karim Aga Khan IV is the Imam of the Shi'a Imami Ismaili sect of Shia muslimss. On July 11th at the age of 20 he suceeded his grandfather, Sir Sultan Mahomed Shah Aga Khan (Aga Khan III). He is the 49th hereditary Imam of the Shi'a Imami Ismaili Muslims and a direct descendant of the Prophet Muhammad through his cousin and son-in-law, Ali, the first Imam, and his wife Fatima, the Prophet's daughter. The title His Highness was granted by Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom in 1957, and His Royal Highness by the Shah of Iran in 1959.

Here he is seen with his daughter Princess Zahra. Besides doing various philanthropic work His Highness is also an emminent race horse breeder and owner. He owns the Aga khan studs which have produced world class thouroughbred horses - he has had four Epsom Derby winners which is a record in itself and many other winners of group races throughout Europe. He was in the game long before the Maktoums of Dubai came in. He live s in France now.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Priya Scindia in NY!

I had wanted to post on Priya Scindia long back , well now is better then never. She is Maharani Priyadarshini Of Gwalior. ( Gwalior is a big Maratha princely state in India - it was one of the biggest princely states before India gained its independence from the British yoke) She is the wife of Jyotiraditya Scindia, the young and dashing current Maharaja of Gwalior. I think they make a wonderful couple - ill soon add a pic of his too!

She was born a princess in the royal house of Baroda (that was also a big princely state before indian independence) and she is to be found in my first post in this blog - thats coz i think she is simply marvellous!

Over here she is in New York, its some kind of social do thats talks about Gwaliors collection of crystal! i beleieve they have wonderful crystal, a whole staircase made of crystal!!! imagine !!

Fawzia of Iran

Doesnt she look like vivien leigh of Gone With The Wind? Well she is no actress, Fawzia was born princess of Egypt and went on to become the Empress of Iran. Sadly fate had different plans, Egypt would cease to be a monarchy during the reign of her brother King Farouk who would be exiled, although his son was named King Fuad II. And she would have an unhappy marriage with the Shah of Iran, what a wonderful man and what a great prince. Unhappily Irans destiny was also doomed when they overthrew the most benevolent monarch and brought in khomeni!! imagine who would do that????????

Anyways, Fawzia was Empress of Iran for nine years. She had a daughter with the Shah named Princess Shahnaz. But their marriage soured and ended in divorce. I was just thinking how unpredictable life is , fate , you are born great but that is no guarantee for the future years. Who ever thought when Fawzia was born that both Egypt and Iran would cease to be monarchies, their royals who had absolute power, who had absolute wealth and splendour would now have to live without all that. But that is life ........ Turn,turn thy wheel oh fortune.....!

The wheel of fortune turns and turns and none know what tommorrow holds!

Future Queen of Norway

Yes the little baby girl there is no ordinary baby girl. She is Ingrid of Norway, one day she shall God willing be the Queen of that country. Well one must admit she looks like a real regal baby. Now i know you will think how royalist am i? haha... but really all the pictures i have seen of princess ingrid are all very regal. The baby has this aristocratic look and attitude that just shows in all her pictures. None of the other royal babies have that look. Her Father crown prince haakon and her mother crown princess mette marit certainly dont have the royal look. Sorry to say but they do look rather common.

Dunno what the norwegians feel about their crown princess, i mean have they really accepted her? with her past. See theres nothing wrong in the past, most european girls have relationships and even babies out of wedlock , but hello this is going to be your next queen??

Anyways, this write up is on her lovely daughter, who looks every inch the future monarch. Best wishes princess ingrid.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Harry's Blushing

This ones a real funny pic. The Queen checks out the Sandhurst guards.......... and oh My God look who it is!! What a genuine blush prince harry's got there. Must say he looks real cute. Ive always liked the two boys , but always considered Prince William far more handsome. But now it seems Harry is giving him competition!!

Both the princes seem really well brought up, with no airs and no fuss. Despite their great tragedy, of losing their mother at such a young age, they have managed to grow up into fine men. May God bless them. And i hope Wills becomes King someday, after Charles that is. I like Charles , despite all the nonsense about his divorce and then his lady love Camilla. He is still a fine man and his kids are great and they love him to bits. So long live the Queen! And the British Monarchy!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Kyril Of Bulgaria

What a handsome prince!! Kyril of bulgaria is hot! He is the namesake of his unfortuanate ancestor, the Last King Kyril of Bulgaria (correct me if im wrong) was shot in the head by the soviets when they took over Bulgaria. I think after that there was disasterous communist soviet rule over Bulgaria.

I do not know as yet much about the couple, ill post more when i find out what he does now, and their family details.

But for now all i say is that they are good looking couple, especially Prince Kyril.His wife Rosario is the one in purple in the second picture also seen are their 3 kids. This is at her sisters wedding.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Azrinaz Brunei's Ex!

Rumours are always there to haunt the rich and famous. The very handsome young man here is a malaysian gentleman called khairy, YTM azrinaz( the sultan of brunei's second wife) is supposedly to have been married to him.

Look at their destinies - once they were together, now she is the wife of the middle aged sultan. And khairy - he is suppossed to have married nori - only daughter of the malaysian prime minister Badawi, and is considered very influential in political circles. Its the stuff fairy tales are made off........ i wonder whether the two still love each other or not. Im sure both are extrememly practical minded individuals. There can be no doubt about it atleast where Azrinaz is concerned. But i believe they split long time before the sultan came into her life.

I wonder what women feel when they marry older richer men after they have been in relationships with younger attractive men in the past. Im sure azrinaz does not regret anything.